About EPBC

What is the Employment Program of British Columbia?

  • The Employment Program of British Columbia – EPBC, which the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation introduced in April 2012, focuses on providing the services and supports that unemployed British Columbians need to find and keep a job
  • The goal of the program is to provide a single point of entry for employment services and supports to individuals, employers and communities

Where can I access employment services in B.C.?

  • The Employment Program of BC is being delivered through 85 WorkBC Employment Services Centres throughout the province
  • There are also more than 100 satellite offices, along with outreach and mobile services – depending on the unique needs of people in those communities – to ensure people are getting the supports they need to get back into the workforce as quickly as possible

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What services are offered through this program?

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  • The program’s goal is to provide the full suite of services at every WorkBC Employment Services Centre across the province, including:
    • Job search assistance
    • Employment counselling and case management
    • Financial supports to enable individuals to access skills training, work experience and self-employment opportunities
    • Services for specialized populations
    • Eligibility for certain services will be determined through an initial meeting with a WorkBC Employment Advisor


Who runs the Employment Program of BC?

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  • The Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation administers the overall program; however, each WorkBC Employment Services Centre around the province is managed independently by community-based service providers who were chosen through a competitive bidding process
  • The Ministry is actively monitoring all of the Employment Program of BC contracts and is working with service providers to ensure they are delivering the full suite of services to those who need them


Who can use the WorkBC Employment Services Centres?

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  • Any unemployed British Columbian can visit a WorkBC Employment Services Centre in their community
  • People on income assistance and employment insurance are encouraged to start at the WorkBC Employment Services Centres so they can get back into the workforce as quickly as possible
  • Specialized populations were also a key consideration in developing the Employment Program of BC. Specialized populations are identified as:
    • People with disabilities
    • Immigrants
    • Francophones
    • People with multiple barriers
    • Survivors of violence and/or abuse
    • Aboriginal people
    • Rural and remote populations
    • Youth

In order to accommodate those with specialized needs, individuals may also be served through satellite centres or mobile or outreach services.


How many people do you think the Employment Program of BC will help?

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  • The Employment Program of BC will help thousands of British Columbians to get back to work, gain independence and help provide for their families
  • Since 2001, government employment programs have helped more than 73,000 people find jobs
  • The Employment Program of BC is building on that success with better accessibility for all, putting even more unemployed British Columbians back into the workforce quickly and helping to contribute to a stronger BC economy


How much does the Ministry of Social Development and Social Innovation invest in employment and training programs?

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  • In 2012/13, the ministry will invest $343.5 million in employment services and apprenticeship training through the Employment Program of BC, of which nearly $280 million will come from the federal government